• Wallpaper Removal

    Why should you hire a professional for wallpaper removal service? If you have outdated wallpaper in your home, it could be a headache to remove it by yourself. There is no easy way to remove it from walls if it has been there for several years. Instead of tackling this project on your own, hire Steve G. Greene Painting to handle the job for you. We can handle the removal process without having you clean it up. We are the professional wallpaper removal company for the Minneapolis SW, West and NW metro.


    Wallpaper removal services offer numerous benefits for homeowners. Some include:

    • We have the skills and knowledge to handle whatever issues that may occur. We also use the proper tools and equipment to effectively remove the wallpaper.
    • Older wallpaper can be extremely difficult to remove which requires experience to know how to remove it.
    • Sometimes major wall repair is needed after the removal which we do.  
    • Special sealers and primers are necessary after the removal to seal up blue residue and damaged drywall.
    • Our experts make sure we don't damage your walls when removing wallpaper. A safe enzyme is used to separate the wallpaper from the wall and remove the glue. If it’s used improperly, it could cause moisture damage to the drywall. To avoid this, we use our expertise and experience to minimize damage to the surface. We use use the right tools and products to remove the paper and repair the walls to a paintable surface.
    • We can do the wall painting too.
    • Scraping and peeling off wallpaper could be a messy process. At Steve Greene Painting, we will clean up the mess and dispose any soggy material.

    If your home needs a fresh, new look, our professionals can remove your old wallpaper and do the painting too. We also offer ceiling painting and renovation painting. We'll give your home a professional face-lift that will last for many years to come. We serve Eden Prairie, Edina, Minnetonka, Prior Lake and Chaska, MN. Contact us today for an estimate. We are the wallpaper removal specialist here to serve you!

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